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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

103 more days=P

Well, just 103 more days to go until the wedding! (about 15 weeks) It finally seems like it is actually getting closer. A year in a half engagement is way to long lol For the past couple of months everybody keeps commenting "Oh its right around the corner", "Wedding is soon right?", "Not to much longer now"...lol My response is always uh yeah it's still pretty far away. That's how it has seemed...pretty far away. But now that some wedding related stuff is happening it helps to go by quicker! This weekend we are going to Austin and Stephanie is going to make my hair gorgeous for my bridal pictures:)My bridal pictures are on the 21st in Round Top.

The plan all along was for me to have the planning done ahead of time so when it got closer I could relax and not be stressed about it. So far I think I have done pretty good with all the planning. Which is weird because I have talked to so many brides and the majority complain about planning their wedding and how hard it is and how it isn't worth it. I guess I am the opposite because I love the whole process and have done the majority of it by myself. I even enjoyed putting together all the wedding invitations (which have been put together and addressed for over a month now lol)

So to help me out I am going to add a to do list for things that are remaining...
• Go Pick out Tuxes
• Make appt with DJ
• Purchase a keg
• Make reservation at Sam’s Boat
• Finish paying photographer, reception, cake, h&m, cruise, and flowers
• Find a going away outfit
• Book hotel at Marriot- Bush
• Dancing Lesson?
• Finish with gm's gifts
• Book place for rehearsal dinner (thinking Pizza shack in Willis)
• Book limo

Things that i got done this last week:
• Had Mrs. Susan fix my dress. (Thank you!!)
• Bought Aaron’s gm gift
• Finished purchasing the girls gifts
• Bought the wedding rings
• Booked hotel in Miami

So, that is all for today! Here is to 3 months 1 week and 4 days left until the wedding!