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Friday, July 29, 2011

Madilyn's nursery:)

Is finished! Minus a couple things to do here and there it is done...
Her closet:) This isn't even all her clothes! She has two drawers full of onesies and little matching pants. Plus on the shelf in her closet is a bag of clothes size 12 month and up.

Her organizer in her closet. Hair stuff, socks/leg warmers, hats, and shoes!

Her cubby bookshelf that has her books in it, toys, bibs (for now), more toys lol and stuffed animals. Still need to clean off the top of the shelf.

This picture and homemade princess crown is right above her cubby shelf.

Her swing will eventually go downstairs once she is here and will probably just leave her stroller there, idk yet. Yes there is a tv in her room and cable is hooked up! If you are going to judge me on that then leave my freaking blog because I am tired of people being Judgy McJudgerson! This was the spare bedroom before it was her room and we already had tv and cable connection in there so we kept it. The tv was given to us free from my parents.

Ive already posted her wall quote in a previous post about DIY stuff...
So thats pretty much her room in a nutshell and I love it:) Can't wait to sit in that chair and nurse her:) Now all we need is her lol 9 more weeks.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower!

Had my baby shower this past Saturday and it went great:) Lots of family and friends came to enjoy the day with us. Brandon stayed with some of his friends that came in the living room watching tv and outside working in the shop lol I knew he wouldn't want to be involved in all the pink frillyness. When we got home I took everything out and showed him in the living room then we put it all up in Maddy's room. She got so much stuff! Her car seat, 2 strollers (so we will return one), diaper pail, crib bedding set, bouncer seat, some awesome blankets, breastfeeding stuff, wipes, tons of bibs, some clothes, and some other random cute stuff. Luckily we didn't get to many clothes which I was really surprised about! We did get lots of stuff off our registry but not everything was taken off when bought. My FIL said they are going to buy her everything else she still needs (they already bought a highchair and random stuff we needed). So I think they are going to get the ergo carrier I want and her changing pad cover.

We got a baby bjorn carrier also which I haven't really wanted this whole time. ONLY because I have done my research and read reviews and I really want a ergo. Simple as that. But it was bought for us which we are thankful for and will keep because of who gave it to us. Brandon tried it on and he looked so cute, maybe that means he will wear Maddy too?


My love and I<3

The cake was delicious! Strawberry:)

Me-30 Weeks, Heather-13 Weeks, Theresa- 28 Weeks pregnant!

My baby cousin Jordyn. So cute:) She is actually my 3rd cousin... Her and Maddy will be 4th cousins!

Her cute cow print carseat!

My grammy made her a blanket:) Madilyn will be her first grandchild!

My mom and I:) She was co-host of the shower.

Stephanie and I, she also was co-host of the shower.

Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Weeks!

So I am 30 weeks today. Can't believe it;) As of this morining I have gained 35pounds. I don't think that is too bad considering if I gain a pound a week for the remainder it will be a total of 45lbs. That's better then the 50-60 I thought I was headed towards.

Had my doc appt this morning which went pretty normal like always. I was told I will probably get another growth ultrasound around 36 weeks to see how big our little chunker is! I love seeing her.

I have my baby shower tomorrow! I am so excited about it. It seemed like it was forever away and now it is finally here. I will post pics from it later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doc appt's

So I had my 28 week appt last friday and my 1 hour glucose test. At the appt she gave me my order to schedule the growth ultrasound which I was really excited about. I scheduled it for yesterday that way DH could be here to see her. (He leaves today for his week on the rig).

So yesterday morning I get a call from my doctor telling me that I failed the 1 hour glucose test. Cut off was 139 and my number was 142. So that means I have to take the 3 hour test which I will be doing this Thursday morning. A little nervous about this because of all the blood they have to draw from me. I know its not that much, but my doc also gave me the news that I am becoming anemic. So that doesn't help any. Especially since I have been taking an extra iron pill my whole pregnancy because I always had low iron that I wasn't even allowed to donate blood unless I took my pills to get my level up. So now I have to take 2 pills a day to see if that helps. I've also had dizzy spells in the past where standing in the heat gets to me. So the fact that I am anemic and they have to take blood from my on Thursday makes me nervous because I am a Matron of honor in my friends wedding on Friday. The Ceremony is outside in this Tx heat. I am seriously worried about fainting or something. I am just going to do my best to drink tons of water and not overdue myself.

Anyways back to yesterday. We got to see Madilyn at her growth ultrasound! It was awesome:) I guessed she would be about 3lbs 2oz and DH guessed 3lbs 5 oz. At our anatomy scan she was measuring above the 90th percentile! And she still is:) She is a little chunker butt lol She was weighing 3lbs and 14oz! Almost 4 lbs of baby inside me at 28 weeks 3 days. She was measuring about 32 weeks along. So it will be interesting to see what my doc says about all this at my next appt next week. I am now going every 2 weeks to see her. Here is a pic of her and then a pic of me to look at our faces...She has my fat cheeks and chin it looks like:)

Love it!!

On a plus note, I had a half day at work yesterday and I have this Thur and Fri off for my gtt and my friends wedding. So pretty much just a 2 1/2 day work week. Hopefully my friends wedding and her activities will keep me busy and not thinking that my husband is away at work for a week. Which sucks! But he will come back just in time for my next appt and my baby shower;)
Here is my 28 week bump...