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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Madilyn is here! Long w/ PIP!

September 6th I was 36 weeks 4 days. I went to work like usual and within maybe 5 minutes in my office my water broke. First thought (which was only like a thought for 2 seconds) was holy crap did I just pee myself? lol But I smelt it and it had no smell so I figured it was my water breaking. Then there was no mistaking it lol It continued gushing like crazy! I managed to call my husband and he rushed up to my work to get me. I called my boss out of a meeting so she could bring me some towels and get me a wheelchair. It was kind of embaressing lol

So we get to the hospital and it was packed. I guess after holidays they get a lot of patients in. But I was ruptured so I was staying! Yay:) I was monitored in triage for awhile and checked...I was only 1 cm. Which I guess is an improvment because a couple days before at my 36 week appt I was closed.

Finally got a room and got settled it. The started me on pitocin around noon to get me into active labor. I sent my mom to my house to pack me a bag because I hadn't gotten to it yet. (was planning on doing it that week) Visitors started coming in and we just hung out for awhile. By the way sitting in a hospital bed while your water continues to gush out of you is the most uncomfortable feeling ever lol The towel they give you to sit on got changed out alot! That was one thing I didn't expect, the continuous gushing.

About 4:30 the contractions were getting stronger but still bearable. I was checked and still only a 1, maybe a 1 1/2. She offered me the epidural and after some discussion I took it. Getting the epi was always in my plan. Never considered not getting it lol She reasured me that the epi would last my whole labor and it could be topped off if needed later. I was anxious about getting it so early but I figured why sit here in pain and know I have so much further to go. The epi hurt. It seriously brought tears to my eyes and luckily it was over quickly.

I'm guessing it was around 7pm that I was checked again and I was a 3-4. okay progress. I don't remember the effacment...Still feeling good. Had to lay on my left side at times because the epi didn't take as well on that side. About an hour later I felt like the epidural was wearing off. The contractions were getting so much worse and I wasn't wanting to talk during them and felt the need to hold my stomach because it made me feel like it helped lol I don't think it did though. So the guy came and topped me off. My friends who were in the room said he was being rude but I wasn't paying any attention to what he was saying to me. When he was done he told me to sit back but I was haing a contraction and couldn't move just yet. He told me again and I guess I kinda yelled at him that I heard him lol I was told later that they were glad I put him in his place since he was being an asshole lol:) Another anesthesiologist came by about 5-10 minutes later I guess to make sure that I had gotten topped off. I told him it wasn't helping. Evidently the little refill box that is attached to my button was empty so he refilled it for me and was much nicer.

Being topped off did nothing. It was official, my epi had worn off. Yay it sucked lol The pain was so bad and I wasn't paying attention to anybody and definetely wasn't talking to anybody lol I started throwing up at this point which I was hoping was transition. So the nurse came in and checked me ( its around 9:30 pm now). She said I was about a 6-7 and told me I was making good 1cm per hour progess. She told me another 3 hours or so to go. My first thought was OH my god, Kill me now! Seriously there was no way I could do that for 3 more hours. My mom seemed to think she would be here sooner though. About 20 minutes later I felt pressure. I told my husband to get the nurse. He went to get her and she wasked what I wanted. lol He was like I don't know go ask her. When she got in I was having a contraction so at first all I could do was just hold up my pointer finger indicating her to hold on because I coulnd't answer her through this pain. I was finally able to tell her I felt pressure and she checked me and I was complete! Yay!

A doctor that was on call came in right then to check on my and found out I was ready to go so we got started. (She wasn't my doctor, but I liked her so much, just as much as my reg doc) I started pushing and they said I was pushing really good. By the way it was just the nurses, doc and my husband in the room. I could feel her coming down more and the pressure was unbelievable! My husband got a little woozy and felt like he was going to throw up so had to sit down for a minute. That happend to be the minute she was born lol Feeling her coming out was weird, cool, and such a relief! Once they put her on my chest I was already crying and couldn't believe she was here. I pushed for all of 20-30 minutes. I think as a first time mom my labor and delivery went pretty quickly. She was 8lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. Born at 11pm.

My recovery has been pretty good. I actually figured that I would be in more pain then I was. Obviously the first day was the hardest but definetely manageable. I have lost about 15lbs so far. Figured I would lost more the first week but any loss is a good one! So 25 more lbs to lose to get back to pre baby weight then another 7 to lost to get to goal weight. Breastfeeding has been a challenge. She took to the boob for maybe the first day and a half. Then it started going bad. She just wouldn't stay awake to latch on and suck. I had the nurses and a lactation consultant try and help but Madilyn had no interest in it at all. Day 2 I was supposed to be released from the hospital but unless we could get her to eat then she would be staying. She did end up taking a bottle of formula so that was our ticket home! I ended up having to supplement with formula for 2 days until my milk came in. Her pedi suggested I get a herbel pill to help with my milk supply and boy did it help! I fill like I am producing alot! I get about 4-6 ounces at each pumping session. And there is already about 25 oz in the freezer at only one week old. I think we will just continue with pumping as opposed to breastfeeding. If she wants to take the boob that that is great. I do try every now and then but knowing exactly how much she is getting from the bottle is a great feeling. I see it as she is still gettting my milk and I didn't give up and just stay with formula so that makes me feel better.

She is one week old today and either I am getting used to only 4 hours of sleep at night or I got a little more last night. NOt sure lol but I understand sleep deprivation now;)

Here is some pics of our beautiful little girl, she looks just like her daddy! I looked at some of his baby pics and they looked almost identical!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My big girl

So we had our 2nd growth ultrasound yesterday. Last time we went she was measuring about 4 lbs and was 4 weeks ahead. That was at 28 1/2 weeks. Yesterday I was 35 weeks, 5 days. She is now measuring 5-6 weeks ahead and is estimated at 9 pounds 1 oz! As soon as the tech told me that I said "WHAT?!?" and my husband just burst out laughing lol I was seriously in shock. I was expecting her to tell me like 7 1/2 pounds. I know an ultrasound can be off but seriously, she has been measuring ahead for every US we have done and I still think she is a big girl. I also know when I conceived so there is no way that date is off. I have an appt today to see if I am dilated any, but I won't see my reg doc until next week to see what she has to say about my big Maddy. Good thing I only have one pack of newborn diapers lol Looks like I will be returning those probably....and maybe a pack of size 1's since I have so many. I'll just have to wait and see what happens:)