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Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower!

Had my baby shower this past Saturday and it went great:) Lots of family and friends came to enjoy the day with us. Brandon stayed with some of his friends that came in the living room watching tv and outside working in the shop lol I knew he wouldn't want to be involved in all the pink frillyness. When we got home I took everything out and showed him in the living room then we put it all up in Maddy's room. She got so much stuff! Her car seat, 2 strollers (so we will return one), diaper pail, crib bedding set, bouncer seat, some awesome blankets, breastfeeding stuff, wipes, tons of bibs, some clothes, and some other random cute stuff. Luckily we didn't get to many clothes which I was really surprised about! We did get lots of stuff off our registry but not everything was taken off when bought. My FIL said they are going to buy her everything else she still needs (they already bought a highchair and random stuff we needed). So I think they are going to get the ergo carrier I want and her changing pad cover.

We got a baby bjorn carrier also which I haven't really wanted this whole time. ONLY because I have done my research and read reviews and I really want a ergo. Simple as that. But it was bought for us which we are thankful for and will keep because of who gave it to us. Brandon tried it on and he looked so cute, maybe that means he will wear Maddy too?


My love and I<3

The cake was delicious! Strawberry:)

Me-30 Weeks, Heather-13 Weeks, Theresa- 28 Weeks pregnant!

My baby cousin Jordyn. So cute:) She is actually my 3rd cousin... Her and Maddy will be 4th cousins!

Her cute cow print carseat!

My grammy made her a blanket:) Madilyn will be her first grandchild!

My mom and I:) She was co-host of the shower.

Stephanie and I, she also was co-host of the shower.

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  1. It looks like you had a great time and got lots of good stuff! That cake looks delicious...yum! And, you look great!