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Friday, October 21, 2011

Work issues

So as of Monday (6 weeks pp) I have started back at work a couple hours each day. This is because my husband quit his job on the oil rig due to unsafe conditions. He has been actively looking for a job since then. Hopefully he gets somethings soon! I am only working until he starts working. I am jealous that he gets to stay home with baby girl while I have to work. Part of the reason I had to come back was because we majorly needed money. About 3 weeks before I had Madilyn my work moved my to part time. That cut my money in half. Then once I had her I found out that since I was a part time employee now that I no longer could receive short term disability. ( I had been paying for my short term the whole 4 years I have been with this company. And at the beginning of the year I even upped my plan to pay more monthly so I could get more when I went out on maternity leave. All of this for nothing. Needless to say I was extremely pissed off! But nothing I could do about it because I need the insurance coverage for my daughter. We are not sure what we are going to do about my job but I know that we can't afford for me to only work part time and pay for Madilyn to go to daycare. Hopefully Brandon gets a job soon and after the 3 month probation time we can have insurance with his company and then I may quit my job here.

There is alot more I could say about my work situation and our money problems but it could get really long lol

My best friend had her baby girl 2 days ago! And my other really good friend just found her her and her husband are expecting in June:) Lots of babies around here.

I'll leave you with some pics...

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