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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 and 1/2 weeks until the wedding:)

The date is getting closer and closer! Just One month, one week and one day to go lol My bridal pictures went really well and I had a lot of fun. Paige went with me and was a big help!! (Love ya girl!) I did get a little dizy standing in the heat and had to sit down multiple times during the shoot so I wouldn't faint. So, I am trying to keep up with my vitamins and my iron pills especially to make sure this doesn't happen during the ceremony:)

I have my bridesmaid dinner this weekend and my bridal shower! I am super excited, this weekend is gonna be alot of fun. Friday night is mexican food and margaritas with my girls. Gonna give them their gifts I got for them. And then Saturday is my shower that Shena is throwing me woohoo! After the shower Stephanie and I are planning on going to a local winery to see if we can find anything we like:)

Things I got done recently with the wedding:
*We got the tuxes picked out and the boys are going this weekend to get fitted.
*We put another payment down on the reception, almost done paying that off.
*We paid off our cake!
*I bought a going away outfit and a bridal shower dress.
*The honeymoon is completely booked and paid for.
*And we decided no limo:( Not in the budget, but thats okay.
*Girls gifts are finished and put together:)

Things left to do:
*Finish paying off flowers, reception, photography and misc. We have about 35% of wedding left to pay off.
*Order the keg and buy the liquor for the gm.
*Talk with DJ
*Still need to decide if we will be doing dance lessons.
*Book place for rehearsal dinner, and make reservation for Sams boat after reception.

The week before the wedding my mom and I will be making tons of fudge for the guest favors! I figure everyone would rather have something good to eat then a crappy favor they will never use again and will most likely get lost in the car on the way home lol

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