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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Been a looooong time!

Man, I haven't updated this thing in forever! So here goes:)

The wedding went great! We had so much fun and enjoyed everything about it. My MOH was right though when she said I wouldn't get to eat a piece of cake or a plate of food lol I did have a couple bites of my cake, and a small plate that I picked on of food, but there was just so much going on that I didn't get to enjoy the food! Oh well. The honeymoon was great too! We had an awesome relaxing time. Got to take like 3 hour naps each day of the cruise which was very much needed the first couple of days from lack of sleep the couple of days up till the wedding. Just a couple pics...

I don't keep this thing updated enough, but I plan to use it as a pregnancy journal whenever I get pregnant. Not sure when that will be though lol We are in our 4th month trying, which I know in the scheme of things isn't that long so who knows...Only my ladies on ttgp and 5 friends IRL know that we are ttc. So Once I do finally get pregnant I will probably revamp this blog:) Other then that not much going on here except work work and more work. Got to pay those bills and buy Christmas presents:)

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