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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Co-irkers and stuff

Just a quick vent on my annoying coworker. This dude really drives me up the wall! He is the same guy that I always complain about lol Every time you pass him in the hall (which I work in a hospital so that is about 10 times a day) he always asks you "How you doing today?", "What's going on?", Having a good day?"...
every. single. time! This can get very annoying quick! And if you just say "fine" and keep walking he will respond with "Oh well I am doing fine, thanks for asking me!". Seriously dude, if I don't ask then that means I don't want to know! LOL I return the question once, not every time. I am not going to tell him if I was in a crappy mood while passing him in the hall so my answer is going to be the same each time...in fact I wouldn't tell him at all lol This same guy bangs his knuckles on my wall of my office every time he walks down my hallway. Not alot of people bother me, but this is one of those super annoying people! I don't know if I will be able to handle him when I get pregnant and not go off on him. lol

Speaking of getting pregnant, I am 6dpo today and had a slight temp drop and been having some cramping today. Kinda feels like a dull pinching feeling. Hoping that is all good symptoms lol and not just in my head. Guess just going to have to wait and see. I plan to test on Monday because that is my husbands birthday and it would be awesome to get a bfp that day:) For some reason I always feel positive about every cycle about this time...get excited thinking this could be it... If not then I will be moving on to cycle #5. I've been thinking of some reasons why this could be our cycle:)
1. I already signed up to donate blood next week expecting to get af.
2. I have tons of green tea in my fridge waiting for cycle #5.
3. Have a big New years party that I am going to and the host knows we are ttc so if I don't drink she will know;(
So these things should for sure bring a bfp for me lol
I also just got to change my short term disability to be more in my favor if I do get pregnant soon and this kicks in beginning of 2011. So if I got a bfp I wouldn't be able to call my ob till Jan. I am thinking to hard about this lol

On a happier note, I have my work Christmas party tonight and I am really looking forward to it! Already bought my drink tickets so I can have a couple glasses of wine:P So if my temp goes up in the morning I will be wondering if it went up because of the wine or because it just went up.....Not gonna stop me from having a couple glasses though lol

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  1. Hey Amanda! This is MrsBaker from The Bump. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Have fun at your party tonight!