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Monday, December 20, 2010

A new week...

Last week dragged on forever! I worked both jobs and put in a total of 70 hours! Exhausting!! Yesterday was my first day off in awhile and I got alot done:) All the laundry clean and all the presents got wrapped. Also made chocolate cake balls for my work Christmas party on Wednesday and made Brandon some chocolate chip cupcakes for his brithday today. Today he is 25:) I am one month older then him and he doesn't let me forget it lol

So I made the cupcakes and left them in the kitchen waiting for the oven to heat up before I put them in. When I come back my 100 pound rottweiler had jumped up on the counter and ate two raw cupcakes! (very chocolate cupcakes). So he got a spanking and was called a "bad dog" and thought that was the end of it.....(He NEVER jumps on the counter to eat any food that is up there)So when the cupcakes are done we sit them out on the counter to cool off. I ice them and come back about 5 minutes later and the little jerk jumped up and ate 2 more!!! I told DH he was trying to kill himself obvioulsy. For that one he got sent to the backyard because he was in trouble(okay he only stayed out for like 10 minutes because he looked so sad lol). After that I learned my lesson and put the cupcakes up in the microwave so he couldn't get to them! And right when I layed down to go to bed I heard him peeing on my dining room floor! Seriously!?! ugh! He got another whooping and was sent to sleep in the kitchen for the rest of the night. He hasn't peed in the house in sooooo long! Maybe 3 times in the last 3 months. (And I blamed the first couple of times on my cat which I felt bad about when I saw Auto doing it)Here is my little monster:

And just because I love my cats:) Here they are...

So, on the ttc note I am about 90% sure I am starting cycle 5 today or tomorrow. I really really hope it is not today because it is DH's birthday and I don't want to be upset about cd1 on his birthday! And that would mean another 9day lp for me:( At least if I get af tomorrow it would be a 10 day lp. My temp dropped lower then it ever has in the "2ww". Allthough it is never a full 2 weeks for me. More like 9-11 days lol Oh well, this just wasn't my cycle. I can donate blood this week like I had planned and I don't have to be sneaky about not drinking alcohol on new years eve. Got to look on the bright side I guess.
And since today is my husbands birthday here is a picture of us from my company Chrismas party last week:)


  1. I can't help but laugh about your dog! That sounds about like my luck, if we had a dog!

    I'm sorry about CD1, but I'm glad you're positive about it. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. I would have eaten 4 cupcakes too ;-o
    Happy Birthday to your hubby, I hope you guys do something fun to celebrate.