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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wow, this is hard.

The no eating fast food thing! It is lunch time here and I already ate a sandwich. I am not hungry, but not full if that makes any since. I really really want to go to taco bell and pick up a couple chili cheese burritos! Even writing that makes my mouth water lol I never go a week w/o some sort of fast food. The past couple months it has acutally been 2 or 3 times a week. I got as far as to get my purse and see if I had money...I did. So I put the money back and came straight to the computer to right this blog. I know if I want to get to my goal I have to go through this test to see if I can go without fast food. Today is my 5th day of no fast food and I hope I can keep it up. I do work at the mall tonight so there is temptation there too. Stay strong...

I do admit that I had a glass of wine last night. BUT, it was only one glass and it was cabarnet which had less then 100 calories in it. My favorite type of wine is moscato and about 2x as many calories. The only reason I had a glass was because it was left in the fridge from a bottle I got for Christmas. As long as I have wine in the house I can't not have a glass, its like fattening food. And after that glass I soooo wanted to go the store and by another bottle (but of moscato) so I could have another glass. But I didn't:)

I feel like some sort of an addict trying to stay away from food and wine. I always wonder why I can't be one of those people who eat whatever the hell they want and never gain any weight. I used to be like that in high school. I always ate out, and my lunch was usually like 4 cookies!(our cafeteria made the best cookes)Plus I would always eat like 1 or 2 chocolate bars a day. I have been worried about my weight since I was 14. I feel like that is way to young to start an obsession with food. But I guess thats life. I just don't want to gain all my weight back and have to start all over again.

Writing this post has actually calmed me down I guess you could say...I will not be running out to buy the mentioned food earlier in post lol

On a plus note (I know it isn't weigh in day so don't hold me to this weight) the scale this morning was a little more favorable after eating good for a couple days
:) 145.2 I hope tomorrow night for the big new years eve party doesn't screw me up to much.


  1. Good for you! What about doing something fun with the money you save from all that fast food? Save it up for a month and go get a massage or something :)

  2. ooh I agree with Miller, I would go buy some fun accessories and stuff. Keep up the good work! It is hard, and it's not fair how quickly our metabolisms slow down.