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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome a new year!

We had such a good weekend! New years eve at my friends house was sooo much fun. I didn't drink any wine, but had tons of bacardi and crystal light lol That was the first time I drank liquor in probably about 6 months or so. And I didn't get a hangover! lol I was pretty proud about that;) We made over 100 jello shots which were yummy. I also ate a couple plates of chips and queso, my weakness. That night My friend told me I would be pregnant before July.....okay thanks. She also informed me to quit trying and thinking about it because my stressing was why I am not pregnant....another okay thanks. I told her I am not stressing about getting pregnant. Yeah, I get upset when af shows each month but I think that is normal. I don't stress myself into a frenzy every day thinking about ttc. But all in all it was a fun night that ended about 3am. Today we went to the Texans game which we won! Then out to eat with friends. I hope this new year brings lots of new for us. Last year was all about change and our wedding. Hopefully this new year can be about us growing into a family with a baby:) And because my blog wouldn't be finished without pictures, here you go:)
Today before the game:

Me kicking ass at some flip cup!

Before our flip cup matches:)

Brandon and I

Brandon and his best mans baby girl, Emmalin

Jello shot anyone?

But I would like to add still no fast food from me! yay:) Which makes a week now. We DID eat at at a couple restaurants over the weekend but I don't consider that fast food. We also ate at the stadium today during the game but I was hungry and there was no going around that. But oh well, I just hope wednesday shows at least a pound lost....Till next time:)

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