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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Small Update

Just spoke with my boss. I wanted to know a time frame before lay offs started to happen and how long I had till I am running two departments. She told me 1-2 weeks. This is good news to me because I have been thinking It could be any minute. So this means I can bump more on ttgp lol well for another week at least.

On a side note, we did get 6 patients admitted last night so that helped our census a little bit. Still on flex here at work though. We are at 38 in house patients today, we need 45 to be off flex and about 55 for no layoffs probably. We have been "flexed" for about 7 months now. It would be awesome if we got alot of patients and our census stayed up and they didn't have to lay anybody off! I can always hope right?

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  1. You want me to go injure some people for you to drum up some business? ;)