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Thursday, January 20, 2011

So my Cat hates me!

UGH! We have 3 cats; Mowgli, Gepetto, and Bagherra. Bagheera doesn't get along with Mowgli. It's so bad that Bagheera usually lives in our bathroom the majority of the time (its a good size bathroom) and we let him out in the evenings when we are home to keep an eye on them. Well since I found out I am pregnant I moved him to the laundry room yesterday(much smaller room). I didn't want to be around his catbox all the time. Plus when he jumps in and out of that thing he slings liter everywhere. I passed the job of taking care of both cat boxes to my husband. Even if I do end up having to scoop out their boxes I just don't want to be around it all day becuase it was in our bathroom.

So last night after he peed in the corner of our bathroom where his box used to be I gave him a "bad cat" and spanked him and had DH throw him in the laundry room. He was not a happy camper. Hissing like crazy and just being a total biatch! This morning I tried getting to the laundry room to get some clothes out of the dryer (thinking he would be more calm after sleeping) uh no! He started hissing at me and bolted out of that room like I was going to kill him. ugh...so the laundry room may not work. Now I have to think of another place to keep him during the day when we aren't home. this sucks.

I am feeling pretty good, normal still. My boobs are a little sensitive but not bad yet. I am been very tired and wanting to pass out as soon as I get home. But, can't blame that on pregnancy becuase it could also be the fact that work is kicking my ass! It's been horrible this week doing both departments! I have been busy non stop and just going going till its time to go home. It's exhausting.

So far I have told 4 friends that I am pregnant. And I think this is all we are going to tell until after my first appointment which is Feb. 21st (Same day as Nat's!) I have a nurse appt this month on the 31st. Blood work and history and all that jazz. Really excited and hope this baby sticks! Oh, and I think it will be a boy:)

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