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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

*Wednesday Weigh In*

So this week was hard for me lol I guess the first week always is though.

1/5/2011-145 (1.6 pound loss)

So, I think that is pretty good considering I didn't work out at all but just watched what I was eating a little more. I think next week will be better because a lot happened this week. We had new years eve/day where we ate alot and drank alot. We also went out to eat at 3 restaurants because we had gift cards from Christmas. Plus don't forget we went to the Texans game and I had some stadium food. But all in all I think it went pretty good. So lets pretend this is our cycle and I get pregnant, at this rate I could be at 143 which I would be happy with for starting weight of a pregnancy. But only time will tell...

And an update on the job front...

Brandon and I talked about all of our options last night and everything is still on the table. You know right away when they told me my two choices I jumped on running both departments because I would do anything to keep my job. I seriously thought I would be here for years to come, I had no plans to leave anytime soon. But the more I thought about it yesterday the more mad I got. I mean, I feel cheated and tricked somehow. They expect me to run 2 departments for the price of only 1 department. So I get ALOT of extra work (obv enough for 2 people). I think that is fvcked up!

So our plan is for Brandon to look for either a 2nd job or a better one that way I can quit my job from the mall and only work my ass off here at the hospital and hope after the 6-7 months they see how dedicated I am and census goes back up so they hire another cs person and give me a raise for being a "team player". OR I say screw this and find another job that I get paid for what I actually do and Brandon still finds another job. The downside to quitting here is I really do love it here, I feel comfortable with everyone and feel like I made some friends over the past couple of years. Also the biggest reason is my insurance. What happens if I get pregnant before anything is decided? I know it won't be east getting a new job newly pregnant or getting new insurance. And I am not the type to ttc with no insurance, I will not be one of those people. So that means I would have to put off ttc if I decided to switch jobs and I don't know if I could do that:( The only plus for finding a new job and quitting this one would be I could collect my 401k which would be about $10,000 in my pocket:)

Oh, forgot this part...Brandon is talking to his cousin to see if they are hiring at his job which is in the oil field. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I have always been against these type of jobs big time because I don't think you can be a family when the husband is never home. Well you can, but it would be hard. But this job would pay the bills and even be enough for me to quit my job if I wanted, thats how good the money is there. I told him if he wanted to consider this job we could talk about it but we would need to set some rules before hand. I wouldn't want him getting set on this money for to long. Just a year or so, enough time for us to pay off all debt and put some in savings. Then he would need to come back and get a real job where he could be home all the time. I would be so lonely without him for 2 weeks! He is my best friend and it would be so hard....Anybody else out there have any experience or relationships with a job where their SO has to be away for awhile?

Decisions, Decisions.

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