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Thursday, January 20, 2011


The beginning:)

How far along? 4 Weeks
Weight gain/loss: Starting weight was 145, same today
Maternity clothes? Way too early
Stretch marks? Way too early
Sleep? I am so tired, but I have been going to bed earlier and getting about 8 hours a night!. (big change from 5-6 hours on work nights.
Best moment this week? The BFP of course!
Food cravings: Mexican food! I have had it 4 times since I got my bfp!
Gender: Way too early
Belly button in or out? Better still be in LOL
Movement? Way too early
What I miss? Wine and energy drinks
What I'm looking forward to: My nurse appointmnet on the 31st and then my Doctor appt Feb. 21st!
Milestones: It's still so early so lets go with hitting 4 weeks lol

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  1. new follower from thebump :)

    congrats on the bfp!