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Monday, January 10, 2011

My weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday went shopping with my friend who is getting married July 15th:) And we picked her wedding dress and ordered it! She was so excited. Then we went out for pedicures and to dinner with friends.
Before we went dress shopping Brandon was taking me to meet my friends future MIL so I could ride with her...Brandon and I are sitting in the middle lane waiting for traffic to pass so we could get over. Out of no where this hooker hits us head on! It's like watching something happen in slow motion but knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it. She was trying to cross over all lanes and her head was completely turned to the right staring at the freeway. We are laying on the horn and as soon as she turned her head back she slammed into us. You could see the look of surprise in her face and then she just started balling LOL I thought that part was pretty damn funny. Anyways, she tried to lie and say she was looking both ways and blah blah blah. Bitch we saw you! I was pissed. We have had our truck for about 3 months. The insurance adjuster is coming out today to check out the damages so we can get it fixed. Here is our truck (before it got hit)

Saturday my friend and I watched reruns of Army wives (trying to get her caught up on the seasons) and Brandon and I went out for dinner that night. I also went to my friends mothers house to work on some stuff for her baby shower next weekend. We made waxed diapers to go on the tables. I was so unsure about this when she tried telling me about it lol I thought it sounded weird. But we went ahead and made them. You take a piece of cloth and pin it together like a diaper and then dip it in wax. Then you form it to look like a diaper. They are going to be sat at each place for all the guests, and they will be filled with nuts, and candy for them to snack on.

Here is the diaper cake i made for her:

Sunday I got all the christmas decorations put up and the laundry down! Felt very accomplished lol

And on a completely different note lol I am going to get my hair lightened with lots of blonde added to it in 2 weeks;)But I was playing with that face in hole application for facebook and thought I looked pretty damn hot for a blonde!!! LOL, but DH isn't having any of that lol So thats why I am going partially blonde again. Here was the FIH:


  1. Oh, wow! I'm glad you're okay though! Did she get a ticket?

  2. Yep, she did:) Which I was glad because that way she couldn't lie and say it wasn't her fault.