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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have a hairball:)

LOL, thats what DH said to me last night.

My sister just turned 10 so she doesn't know all about the birds and the bees yet. My brother just got a brand new cat for Christmas, Sarabi. She started doing weird things around the house, meowing like she is being tortured and sticking her butt up in the air 24/7. LOL, it is quite humorous. So come to find out my brothers cat is in heat! My sister asked my mom why Sarabi was acting that way and my mothers response was "She has a hairball" lol So DH and I go over there for New years day and my sister informs me that Sarabi has a hairball and thats why she is acting weird. She is not alowed out of the house because she was to work that hairball out of her system. So all night someone would say something or Sarabi would meow like crazy and someone would say "Better be nice to her she has a hairball" lol Seriously it may not sound funny, but it was :) maybe it is one of those you have to be there type of things.

So last night I am trying to get some sexy time in from DH for the 3rd night and he wasn't having it lol We both work long days and he was tired, he told me lets try tomorrow. (Secretly okay with this because I had just worked 3 14 hour days in a row and I was beat!)But of course I was still trying to get me some:P He said "Let me guess, this is your fertile time?" I said yep so thats why this needs to happen lol We were quiet for a minute and said "You have a hairball" lol I burst out laughing. He then said "If you start sticking your butt up in the air I am going to get worried" :) Gotta love him.

I know I am O'ing very soon so I am getting some tonight and tomorrow:P Like you all care, lol but I thought I would inform you:)

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  1. LOL! That's hilarious!

    Crossing my fingers you get in some sexy time these next few days!