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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cloth diapering?!?

So...Most of you know I plan to cloth diaper. I have researched all types and brands for months now. I have known exactly what I wanted to try out. But now that I am actually pregnant I am second guessing myself! It's not that I don't think I could do, because I could. But I started thinking I have no place to dry the diapers! I would definetely want to sundry my diapers and I don't know where I would do that. Our backyard is so freaking small it might as well be non existant. Plus we have a 100lb rottweiler that goes back there and would probably mess with them. I don't want to put them in my driveway for the whole neighboorhood to see either.

Plus the main reason I wanted to do cloth diapers was because of the savings in money. I know the true savings would come with the second kid....I don't want to use prefolds, we mainly wanted to do kissaluvs fitteds and covers first then move on to something else. Start up cost for the first year is going to be about $450 and thats if I can control the urge to not buy all the cute diapers! Well I looked up disposable diapers online and if you order them off the internet as opposed to in store then holy crap they are alot cheaper! The figures that I came up with were very similar to a year with cloth diapers. I have the cloth/disposable chart that shows how much money you save, but when I crunch the numbers myself I can't see that much of a difference. Maybe I am missing something? My husband says we can try cloth and if we don't like it then switch to disposables. But I informed him us "trying" cloth would still be spending the $450 (or somthing around that) to have enough diapers. He is also concerned that we won't have the start up money to spend on diapers. I think he likes the idea of using cloth because his memaw used cloth, but he would rather spend that bulk money on something else.

So once again I am so undecided. I have been set on cloth and even told everybody for months now that we planned to do it. Maybe it would be different if I could be a stay at home mom? Plus I still have that problem of where I would sun dry them too? Lots to think of. If you have any input on cloth/disposables please let me know.


  1. I obviously have no experience of my own, but, if you aren't able to be a SAHM, where will baby go? I know a lot of daycares won't allow cloth. But I guess that would be different if you have a family member or someone keeping the baby. & that's all the input I've got since I don't really know either. :)

    FWIW, I haven't even considered cloth and will just do disposables. Sorry Earth! ;)

  2. I'm with Lacey - my kid is getting disposables. I was cloth diapered as a baby and I was asking my mom how it worked the other day. It baffles my mind! haha

  3. I know there are some "test drive" sets you can rent from places like Sunshine diapers if you're worried about spending the money and cloth not working for you.

    I have very slowly complied my stash - every month, I've found an online sale and ordered a few diapers, that way it hasn't felt like I've spent a big chunk on this investment. And it's so nice to know we won't have to spend any more money on diapers for future kids! GL with your decision!

  4. This site might be worth looking into! http://sewcraftybaby.com/store/WsDefault.asp?Cat=ClothDiaperTRIALPACKAGE/Pickyouritems. (Threemarie24 from TB)