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Monday, January 24, 2011

The cat is out of the bag! Sort of...

So last night we went to my parents to tell them I am pregnant1 Originally I wanted to wait until 8 weeks after our 1st appointment, but I am horrible at secrets lol So I told them by giving my mom this shirt...

I gave my dad one to but my stupid computer only uploads certain pictures whenever it feels like it. And I guess it doesn't feel like it now. UGH. BUT, his said "Welcome to Grammy and Grampy's, Save your drama for your mamma!" lol

I think they were shocked at first lol My mom even made the comment (jokeingly) that I am trying to keep up with the jones's. I was like uh how is that? And she said because your friends are pregnant. LOL, I was like actually no I'm not. They arent even married and their pregnancies where not planned as this one was. So besides that little comment everything went good:)My mom and I went through the 4 bags of baby clothes she has been collecting over time lol Only one bag is of boy clothes. I told her we think this will be a boy so she better stop buying girl clothes until we find out! We also told my brother and sister last night too:)

After that we went to dinner with a group that is "like Brandon's family" More like his parents then his actual parents I guess you could say. Brandon told them and they were excited too. So now people know, but that is all we plan to tell unitl after the first appointment. We will tell his parents and sister and our other friends and family then.

I hope everything will be okay and we will see a hb that day! But until then I am going to try to not stress about it since my work provides enough stress for me. I know that can't be good for the pregnancy so I am trying! But for today I am still pregnant ( which was proved by an internet cheapie this morning since I have billions of them left LOL) and I love our little baby:)

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