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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BELLA (warning mention of loss)

Most of you know a little history about my best friend that had the baby that stopped growing. If you remember I made a post on ttgp about my friend that smoked all throughout her pregnancy and I had asked if anyone else had to deal with a friend that smoked while pregnant. Then later that same day I found out that her baby, Bella, had stopped growing. She was 34 weeks pregnant but Bella stopped growing at 32 weeks. But, they said she was healthy and doing fine. We had her baby shower that weekend and all was good. I helped her unpack and put away all Bella's new toys and clothes.

She was waiting for the specialist that her doc referred her to to return her call so she could make an appt. Her appt. was today at 36weeks 3 days pregnant. Bella no longer has a heartbeat. I am devasted for her and don't understand how they would let Bella live inside her for a whole month when she had stopped growing. Why didn't they take her out sooner so she could have lived? I am trying to stay calm because I know all this stress I have been experiencing can not be good for my baby. I took tomorrow off from work so I could be there with her when she delivers baby Bella in the morning. I don't understand how it got to this point. I hope my frind will be okay and make it through this. Right when she found out Bella had passed away my cousin was having her baby at almost the same time. She was due today at 40 weeks and delivered a healthy baby girl. I hope I can find the strength to say the right things and just be there for my friend. I fear she will try to push me away since she just lost her baby and she knows I am pregnant. Please put her in your prayers! I just feel numb, I can't even imagine how she feels. But, thanks to the bump I do know what the appropriate responses are to losing a baby and what doesn't help at all.

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  1. This is so sad, I hadn't seen your post about it. Thoughts & prayers to your friend.