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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's my blog and I can be an AW if I want to!

So I started cycle #5 yesterday. Yeah it sucks but life goes on. Honestly, as soon as I saw af I almost had tears in my eyes. It's crazy how actually knowing this cycle is for sure over can automatically bring a person down. But I fought the tears back because it was time for me to head to my 2nd job and I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself. I feel like I am taking it better then last month though. So tonight my friend and I are going to do my cd1 ritual:) Pedicures and wine lol It's is the best part of cd1! This next month I am going to try some new things and switch some stuff up. This was another 10 day lp:( I think the short lp's I have had suck just as much as starting a new cycle. Ane what makes me really really feel like a horrible jerk is when I am on cd1 or 2 and I notice on ttgp board like 5 bfp's. I am truly happy for them (the ones I know lol, sorry but the drive bys I could really care less about)but, it makes me want to cry because it wasn't me announcing my bfp. I never feel like this during the 2ww, only right after af gets here and that feeling only lasts for like 3 days. It's weird, because it's like I am okay with starting a new cycle, but the bfp announcements kind of bring me down those first couple days. I know, lol I am a wierd cookie.

New things I plan to try:
1:Cut back majorly on my wine drinking:( I am going to try and limit it to cd1 and when I am with my friend who lives in Austin (which is usually once a month)Plus hopefully this will help me lose some weight that I have gained! Thats a whole different post though lol
2:I already started this last cycle, but I will continue to not drink energy drinks. I used to drink 1 a day! Now it is more like 3 a month:) Very proud for that victory!
3:Instead of B6 I am going to take a B multi vitamin duing my cyle.
4: I am also going to do red raspberry and baby asprin during my cycle.
5: From af to O I will give EPO a try. (does anybody know if this comes in a pill form?)
So, I will see how it goes. Cycle #5 will lead to EDD of early October.

But on the bright side I can donate blood today! Every couple of months I coordinate a blood drive here at my work. I love to donate blood/plasma, whatever they need. Does that make me weird? lol I try to make a big thing about it here at work. I put up balloons and send out emails trying to get people to sign up. I figure somebody has to put these things together or nobody would. (On top of my actual job here at the hospital I am also in charge of the Employee Activity Committee).

I finally put my wedding album together this last weekend and decided to share some more picutres on here:)

Leaving at the end of the night!

First Dance

My handsome husband:)

My shoes and jewelry

My roses w/ our gorgeous rings;)

My sister, brother, and I:)

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