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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby girl has a name;)

Yep thats right my DH and I decided on a name last night. Baby girl will be Madilyn Mae R. This has been my top choice for the past week since I thought of the name. He never gave me any opinions on names, just vetoed the ones he disliked. But we had 3 on the list that he didn't get rid of and he finally picked. He asked which one was my fav and I said Madilyn and he said Okay name her that lol I think I asked him if he was sure like 10 times because I didn't want him settling just because I kept bugging him to decide;P But I don't think he would agree to a name just to get me to stop talking about it. Luckily everyone we have told actually likes the name. I was worried about my MIL liking it, but she said she loves it which is a weight off my shoulder. I wouldn't have changed it or anything, but its nice when everyone actually like the name. I was a happy girl last night!

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  1. Congrats on the name! :) My hubby vetoed a lot but in the end has agreed to my top pick as well - I just don't think they care as much as we do!