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Friday, August 12, 2011

33 Weeks!

33 Weeks today:)


So the scale says that I have gained 40 lbs as of today. I am hoping to only gain another 5lbs by the end of this pregnancy so we will see....Got 7 Weeks left.

Madilyn is rolling and moving around alot in there and I love it!

And this should probably be a whole other post but I'll say it quickly here. I was put on part time at work yesterday. It sucks major ass. I am sure some of my ttgp girls remember months ago when my job gave me the choice of taking over another department or going part time. I chose 2 departments with no extra pay and that sucked! But they eventually highered a guy to do that part time after about 5 months of me doing it. Now census us low again and I was given no choice. Part time for me. I just lost half of my yearly income. I am bummed. They only thing I can do is look at it as a blessing in disguise because I am due in 7 weeks and now I can take it a little easier because I will be only working 24 hours a week as opposed to 40. If they don't offer me a full time position again when I come back from maternity leave then I will probably start looking for another job then. They knew I couldn't do anything about it now. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and I need my insurance....Just got to stick it out. I'll update on all this crap later. Peace out.

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