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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Starting over again

I know nobody really reads this anymore since its been like a year since I've written anything in it. lol But I have found myself going back and looking at my posts from my pregnancy with madilyn and love reading them. So I am going to try and start posting again that way one day I can look back on this pregnancy to see what was going on also. Madilyn is 20 months now;) The love of my life! And I am currently 4 weeks pregnant:)

How far along?: 4 Weeks
Weight gain/loss: Starting weight was 145
 Maternity clothes?: Way too early
Stretch marks?: Way too early
Sleep?: I am so tired all the time. But I know work as a big play in that, and the lack of caffeine! But I've been allowing myself 1 Dr. P a day:)
 Best moment this week?: The BFP of course!
 Food cravings: Nothing really.
Gender: Way too early....hope a boy though:)
Belly button in or out?: in
Movement?: Way too early
What I miss?: wine and more then 1 Dr. P a day...
 What I'm looking forward to: My nurse appointmnet is on May 20th. But really looking forward to telling my mom this sunday. Which is mothers day:)
 Milestones: It's still so early so lets go with hitting 4 weeks lol

Here is My beautiful Madilyn Mae:) Love her!


  1. Welcome back to blogging!
    What an awesome way to tell your mom....on Mother's Day.

  2. I'm back in the blogging world again too. It's funny how these pregnancies suck us back in. Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations!!! Madilyn is beautiful :)

  4. Hey, lady! I had you on my mind a few days ago and was wondering how you were doing! Congrats on the new pregnancy! Madilyn is a doll!

  5. Thanks guys! :) Actually happy to be back to blogging when I get the chance:)