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Friday, March 18, 2011


How far along? 12 Weeks!
Weight gain/loss: +9 lbs I walked once last week for 2 miles and I need to start up my walking again. It makes me feel better but getting started again is so hard lol I mean its no wonder I have gained weight with as much as Ive been eating. Plus I've added an extra 300-500 calories a day in just Dr. Pepper. Since I can't take advil it is the only thing that gets rid of my headaches. I'm going to askt he doc on Monday if there is anything else they can give me.
Maternity clothes? Yep, and I bought some bigger scrubs to wear to work also.
Stretch marks? Haven't seen any new ones.
Sleep? Still sleeping good:) With tons of crazy dreams!
Best moment this week? We went to the rodeo twice this last week. First time was to see Gary Allan and the second time was to see Kid Rock. He put on a BAD ASS show!!! It was really good;) The Houston Rodeo is a really big thing down here. I also got Tuesday off to lounge at home and do absolutely nothing which was really nice!
Food cravings: None that I can really think of....At the carnival at the rodeo I really wanted a pickle...it was good too:)
Gender: 2 more months till we find out:) Probably around mid May.
Belly button in or out? In
Movement? None yet
What I miss? Having the energy and desire to go walking after work.
What I'm looking forward to: Well our Monday appointments of course!! We have our NT scan Monday morning and then our 12 week appt monday afternoon. So that means we both have the day off from work!
Milestones: 12 weeks is a big milestone for me!!

Baby this week:

Baby's face is looking more human as his eyes have moved to the front of his head and his ears are in place. Other amazing fetal highlights this week:

Your baby is able to swallow this week and practices on the amniotic fluid he or she floats in. And in case you're wondering how your kid can breathe in all that fluid, here's your answer: Fetuses get oxygen from the blood pumped into their bodies by the placenta and don't breathe with their lungs.

Your baby's intestines are well under way, but they aren't all where you'd expect them to be. Instead of all being locked away in the body cavity, some are dangling on the outside, in the umbilical cord.

Your little nugget's finger- and toenails are forming this week. The chin and nose are also becoming more defined.

Junior has doubled in size over the past two weeks and now weighs almost ½ ounce. He's also now around 2 ½ inches long, about the length of your pinky finger.

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