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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

*edited* Planning the nursery:) PIP Heavy!

Just a couple more weeks and we will know if this little one is a boy or girl! I feel like I have such a clear picture for a girls room and not so much on a boys lol. I originally wanted to do a jungle/monkey theme for a boy because they had such cute hanging monkey wall decals...but the hubby didn't like that idea. So pretty sure we will be going with an all star/sports theme. Didn't originally want to do that but I found some ideas that I actually like. So we will see. We already started painting the babys room. I am hoping to finish painting soon. I didn't want to wait until it was to hot to have the windows open in the house. This is south Texas and it has been mid to high 80's if not low 90's for the past month now. So the baby's room will be yellow:)

My idea for a girls room:

This is the bedding I love and I don't care that some people think spending money on a bedding set is stupid. I have the money for it and everything the baby needs so I will be buying it:P If it's a girl it will be this set along with the curtains and the whole look.

I want to do this tree decal in the corner of the room where it takes up the side of two walls. Sort of 3d like...At least that is what I see in my head lol

I also would like to add some butterflys from the tree. Not sure if I will use a decal also or make the butterflys like in this pic...

And no matter boy/girl I did buy the Thomas Kinkade Disney Collection that I had mentioned a couple months ago. I plan to put them in white frames that I will either paint pink or blue. Just a reminder, this is what they look like...

My Idea for a boy's room:
Okay, we may go with a sports theme. If the hubby really wants to. I would rather do a color. So if its sports then it would be one of these probably...

This is what I had in mind though for a boys room... Which if the hubby likes we will be doing this;)

Also, for a boy or girl I will do some sort of name decal for the wall. Just not sure on which design I like best.

As you can see I have a girls room all mapped out lol Boys are harder for me. I can't wait to find out:) Plus that means we can finally discuss names! My husband will not discuss names at all. He wants to wait until we find out. The only input he has given me is he hates my favorite girls name (which was Cora) and he will not name his daughter that lol Ummm fine! :( This is why I need him to talk to me about names so I can stop falling in love with names that he has no intention of even trying to like lol My top names that I love at the moment are:

Girl: (took out Cora since he hates it...)
1. Leah
2. Morgan
3. Cameron
4. Lorelei
5. Avery

1. Austin
2. Jeremy
3. Liam
4. Trevor
5. Tanner


  1. Your girl's room is soo pretty! I LOVE the butterflies. And if your husband ends up liking the brown and blue, it's pretty similar to what our boy's nursery is going to be like ;-) So I definitely love that! Sports themes are always nice too. You can't go wrong with a classic. You have great taste!

  2. Oh my goodness I am in love with the Disney Thomas Kinkade pictures!! Where did you buy them?

  3. My mom bought them off ebay;) The are knock off prints but are still really pretty! Couldn't afford the real things!