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Friday, June 10, 2011

24 Weeks! V-day:)

Woohoo:) I have been waiting to make it to 24 weeks for awhile now. Doctors appt this morning went good. I am up 26lbs:( Althought the docs office says I am up 30lbs but I will stick with my at home scale when i weigh in with less clothes on lol My next appt in 4 weeks I will have my 1 hour GTT. Hopefully I will pass but I have heard alot of people fail the 1 hour and have to do the 3...So we will see.

Maddy's room is finished minus stuff we will get for my shower that is in 6 weeks. We bought a pink rug to put in front of her crib and I put some I got a little storage container to keep all her socks, hair pieces, and little onesies in:) I finished her name and put it on the wall. Some of the glitter was coming off a couple letters but it doesn't look that noticable. I also think the M is a little off but its up there with some very strong double sided tape and itsn't coming off lol

24 Weeks:

My belly has definetely gotten bigger! I can no longer lean over and get a good look at my toes without it hurting my belly:( Got a pedicure yesterday and had to ask my friend if my toes looked okay because I couldn't inspect them lol I feel her move all the time now which I absolutely love!! It is the coolest feeling in the world. I have heard some women say it is weird and gross and they don't like feeling it and I just think they are weird lol I look forward to when she moves:) Oh and DH got to feel her for the very first time last night!! We were at dinner with some friends and she gave me a good kick so I decided to take the chance (everytime we tried to get him to feel her before she would stip kicking when he put his hand on my belly) and I put his hand on my belly and she gave him a big kick! It was awesome lol He was happy and I almost cried right there at the table because I was glad he finally got to feel her. And she gave me one more little kick that my SIL was able to feel. Guess that is all for now;)

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