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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First L&D visit yesterday :/

So Had our first L&D visit yesterday morning and it scared the hell out of me. I wake up around 6:30am and get to work about 7ish. Usually eat a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and have a couple glasses of water and a Diet. Dr. Pepper. After all that it was aroun 8:30 or so and I realized Madilyn hasn't started her morning kick mommy routine yet. I think I felt her kick once and it wasn't very hard. So after trying different things (laying on my side, back, walking around, poking my belly) I called my doctors office. I started crying while on the phone with them, couldn't help it. They said since I had been pretty immobile all morning (sitting at my desk and laying down to get her to move) to try walking around and drinking cold water for 30 minutes and if nothing then to come in.....

Called DH but he didn't answer because he was busy so I figured I would call him again closer to the 30 minutes being up if she still hadn't moved. During that time I think she moved 1 time but I still felt like this was a big decreased movement for her so I called DH again after the 30 was up. Once again broke down and started crying while telling him to come get me so we could go to L&D. It's crazy how scared I was...(It didn't help that I had called the night before for the first time for unusual pains in my stomach and that my friend had lost her baby in utero in her 3rd tri about 5 months ago )

We get to L&D and the nurses there are so nice and just kept reasuring me that it was good I came in. When in doubt call and come in they said...didn't care if it was 3 times in one day lol So I got monitored for awhile and heard her hb which was a big relief. She started moving around while monitoring her (she hates all dopplers too lol she always runs away from them) Everything ended up being good with her but it was crazy scary. The nurse suggested I go home and rest for the remainder of the day so thats what I did. Madilyn actually wasn't very active all day yesterday or today to much. I'm wondering if she is going through a growth spurt or just sleeping getting her rest for a future growth spurt lol

Ended up costing us about $70 for that visit but I say it was worth it for piece of mind. I don't know how anybody has a baby without insurance though! We only pay 10% of all bills so the total before insurance just for that visit was $681! Having a baby is expensive lol

I could tell DH was scared and nervous too because he was speeding and impatient when we were driving to the hospital (I only work a couple minutes away from our hospital). I think he was being brave for me though. Especially since when I called him I automatically started crying and fist thing I said was "Okay don't freak out because I already am but..." lol I guess I didn't want him to worry even though I was.

Hopefully we don't have to have anymore L&D visits until she is born;)
I love my little Madilyn ;)

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