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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good and Bad

So we found out this morning that Brandon got the job on the oil rig! They called him at 7:30am and said if you wanna work and you want this job then come on. He was on his way to work so when he got there he had to tell his boss he was leaving. He said they understood and took it pretty well. He did an appointment that was already there for the day and then packed up some of his tools and left. He packed a bag and came to tell me goodbye at work and headed out.

We were hoping he would get this job because it means I get to stay the full three months at home after Madilyn is born. Plus now we can afford to get bills paid off quicker. He will be working one week on and one week off. It is going to really suck being away from him for a whole week and I am going to miss him so much. I'm sure it will be lonely at the house by myself. Being home alone just feels different when you know he isn't just out for the day, but in fact isn't coming home that night. I will make sure the doors are locked at all times. It's more frightening when you stay at home alone.

I really hope we made the right decision by taking this job and that everything works out. He has a 9 hour drive to get to the rig which is alot of money in gas right there. We plan to get a cheap little car after he gets back so he can use that as transportation to get him back and forth to help save on gas. Plus right now we only have the truck between the two of us. So my parents are letting my borrow a car till he gets back and we can buy that cheapie. I may even get to drive my mustang I sold to my dad a couple months ago;P

So the point of this post was its good he got the job because it means more money and potentially alot more money if he moves up in the company. And its bad because we will be apart a lot. If you think about it we will be apart for half a year....I don't want to think about it that way lol

I love my husband<3

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  1. Congrats on the job!! Happy you get to enjoy baby for the first 3 months at home!!! Wish you guys all the best!!!