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Friday, February 11, 2011


How far along? 7 Weeks!
Weight gain/loss: Gain and we will stick with that lol But I know some of it went to my boobs! I swear I have already gone up a cupsize!! Only like one bra fits me now and it won't soon. Time to go shopping.
Maternity clothes? No, but am going to hit up Target soon and by some cute dresses that will last for awhile.
Stretch marks? Hell, I don't know. I already had a bunch so I'm just shit out of luck.
Sleep? I love sleep:) It's my best friend.
Best moment this week? I told one of my best friends that I was pregnant over lunch a couple days ago:) She was so excited.
Food cravings: UGH, nothing. Seriously, yesterday i was craving a quesadilla but didn't get one, and thats just one day out of the whole week. Mid week I started having major food aversions to a LOT of food. The food I was craving two weeks ago sounds horrible now. Haven't even gone to that restaurant because I don't want to smell those foods.
Gender: Still guessing boy.
Belly button in or out? In
Movement? no
What I miss? Being able to fit into my size 4 jeans....Okay that was like 5 months ago but still miss it:)
What I'm looking forward to: Today is my dads birthday so we are going out to dinner:) Then Sunday we are getting out taxes done so we can find out how much we are going to get back!
Milestones: Baby is still growing. By the end of this week baby will be completely connected to me because the umbilical cord will be formed!
Baby this week:)

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