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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So here is our little peanut! Doesn't look like much but it was amazing seeing the heartbeat. I was so relieved when I saw that everything was okay. I am not crazy, there really is a baby in there lol Oh, and I was right about my due date! Baby peanut is due September 30th. I wasn't sure if it would be Sept 30th or Oct 2nd. I was charting and wasn't sure about those two days.... My weigh in at the doctors office was 155! WOW. Now on my defense it was early afternoon after I had eaten lunch and had about 2 liters of water to drink. So not sure how different that is from my scale at home when I weigh in first thing in the morning. Guess we will see when I weigh in on Friday.

I bought a pair of maternity shorts yesterday too. There was no way my size 4's would fit me from last summer. Even if I wasn't pregnant then I would still have to buy at least 6's to fit into. So I figured why not get a pair of shorts I could wear for the rest of my pregnancy. Because here in Texas it is short and t-shirt weather already, and will be till after I deliver this baby. lol We only get winter pretty much December and January.

After our appointment we called and told all the family and everyone was really excited! We had dinner with my parents and siblings and grandparents for my brothers 20th birthday last night. My grammy did a pencil and needle trick on me that said I was going to have a girl first and my second kid would be a boy. And now that my due date is officially in September I also think we will have a girl :) This whole time I believed it would be a boy. Guess we will have to wait and see. My husband got a little worried when My grammy did that trick lol He doesn't think he can afford a girl:P

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  1. oh wow! congrats on the little peanut. truly amazing!! I think I am having a girl and my Dh feels the same way ;)