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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thomas Kinkade Nursery?

Yes, I am obsessed with looking at nurseries! I already have a good feel for what I want. I really dislike the rooms that have crap all over the walls. Like for a boys room I do not want a random football and baseball, etc. on the wall. I want the room to look like a pretty room that ins't specific to a baby. NOt sure if that makes any since lol Let me show you some visuals of what I like when it comes to nurseries....
What I like:

For a girl I am pretty sure I will do pink with green accents. And a boy will most likely be green too. Not sure why, but I don't really like blue for a boys room. Maybe I'm weird. Here are some examples of rooms that I do not like (sorry if you do, just not my style)....

I just don't like the randomness of it.

So I like the rooms that are half white and half a color with accents of another color in the room. Also my mom got me obsessed with Thomas Kinkade paintings. I have about 6 in my house. My mom bought them all for me and she also has tons in her house. She even did a thomas kinkade christmas tree this past year. All kinkade ornaments. So I figured why not do the type of room I want and add the kinkade feel to the nursery also? Kinkade came out with a disney collection that I love. I either want to do one big painting on a wall or a collage of smaller paintings....This is what I have in mind....

I just love all the colors he puts in his paintings!! Can't wait;)

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